Check Out Fred Lynn’s Latest Inverview On The Tim McCarver Show

We don’t know the air date quite yet, but Fred Lynn completed taping a full hour with legendary broadcaster and host Tim McCarver.  We will let you know the air date as soon as we find out.  fredlynn7

The Tim McCarver show airs in 288 TV markets, so I’m sure you’ll get the chance to see Fred and Tim discuss Fred’s career and baseball then and now.  According to the Tim McCarver web site,

Each show is a full 30 minutes of in-depth questions designed to elicit the most candid responses from renowned sports personalities. Tim’s well-informed and thought provoking questions provide viewers with a greater insight into the minds and careers of their favorite sports figures.


To find out more about The Tim McCarver show, visit the web site here,

Here are some photos on set with Tim and Fred.